Why ChatMemoir and Kiddoflock?

ChatMemoir and Kiddoflock is a new way for families to get connected across generations. Our AI bot makes it easy for elders to answer questions and pass their lessons onto the next generation in a simple, innovative way.

What is ChatMemoir? What is Kiddoflock? What’s the difference?

ChatMemoir helps grandparents write their memoir. It asks questions about their early years, family roots, background, career events, important memories, etc. The AI bot will record their spoken answers, allowing the information to be easily recorded for posterity.

On Kiddoflock, family members can view what their grandparent wrote about their life. Think of it as using ChatMemoir to write a book, and using Kiddoflock as browsing a library of family information.

You keep talking about the AI bot. What is that?

Our AI bot is there to write down what you dictate to them during the creation of your ChatMemoir profile. Don’t worry, it only records when you turn it on.

What do I get out of using ChatMemoir?

Your life information will be chronicled and preserved for your family to continue viewing. ChatMemoir is easy to use and will help you share your life with your grandchildren in an increasingly digital world.

What do I get out of using Kiddoflock?

Kiddoflock gives you access to your relatives’ stories, lives, and history. It gives unique insights that will help you learn and grow closer to your family.

I want multiple people to see my ChatMemoir information, how can I do that?

You can send your information to as many people as you like. Just have them download a Kiddoflock account, pay for the share, and off you go!

How do I pronounce these app names?

Pop-Pop-Mom-Mom (like dad and mom) and Kiddo-Flock (like a flock of kiddos).

How much does a send cost?
Do I have to set up a Kiddoflock profile to use ChatMemoir? Do I have to set up a ChatMemoir account to use Kiddoflock?

You only need to make an account with one of the apps. ChatMemoir is for the people who want to record their life stories and Kiddoflock is for the family members who want to view them.

How do I make multiple sentences for each question when I'm speaking my answers?

Our AI Bot recognizes the difference between a normal word and a grammatical request, such as "semicolon". If you want to add a comma, just say "comma," to add a period, say "period," etc.

If I have a ChatMemoir profile, can I have a profile on Kiddoflock too?


Can I view my ChatMemoir profile so I can see what will be shared with my family?

Yep! Just go to the home page and click “View Story”.

What do you do with this information?

We are committed to keeping your information private. We do not share any user data or user demographics with third-party sources. Everything you give to us stays with us, and us alone.

What happens if I want to delete my account?

Just let us know. If you want to delete your account, all the information you gave us will be deleted as well. (Note: We strive to provide the highest level of privacy and base our policies off of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).)

Is this a subscription or a one-time payment?

You pay once for each story that is shared. For example:

- A ChatMemoir user shares her story with her granddaughter. The ChatMemoir user pays when she sends a share. It does not cost the Kiddoflock user anything to accept the share and start viewing the story. To share with her grandson, the ChatMemoir user pays a second time

- A Kiddoflock user requests to view his aunt’s story. The Kiddoflock user pays when he sends his request. It does not cost the ChatMemoir user anything to accept the share and grant access to her story. The Kiddoflock user pays again to request access from his grandfather.

Once a story has been shared and paid for, the Kiddoflock user can view the story as many times as they like, and they have something they can hold onto for the rest of their life.

Do I have to pay to set up my ChatMemoir account and then pay again to share it?

To set up your account, you need to pay the $9.99 download fee. That fee will cover the cost of your first share. Each additional share costs another $9.99.

My grandchild sent me a request to do this from Kiddoflock. Do I now have to pay for him/her to see my account when I’m done?

No, your grandchild paid when the request was sent. Just download ChatMemoir, set up your account, and enjoy!

My grandparent sent me a request to view their profile on ChatMemoir. Do I now have to pay to see their account?

No, your grandparent paid when the request was sent. Just download Kiddoflock, set up your account, and enjoy!

If I share my account with my grandchild, can they forward this information to others?

No. We value privacy and only allow your information to be shared with other accounts with your consent. If anyone wants to view your account, they will have to ask you to see it.

My account is asking me to pay with deyaPay. What is that? Do I need to make an account?

deyaPay is an online wallet that is part of the Bodaty app family. It is a way to process transactions and is totally secure. You can still pay with your credit card or the payment method connected to your ApplePay or Google Play Store. You don’t need to download the deyaPay app (although we recommend it) and the entire payment process is secure and encrypted for your safety and privacy.

I have a $0 balance on deyaPay. Do I have to pay with deyaPay or can I pay with a credit card?

In addition to being how transactions are processed, deyaPay is also a virtual wallet. You can store money on deyaPay, but we do not increase or decrease your balance without your consent. You can buy items within Kiddoflock and ChatMemoir without increasing your deyaPay balance. The advantage of storing money in deyaPay is that you can also use this balance in other apps such as Bodaty’s Samyata shopping app to buy things in stores near you.